What's the most unique beer you've ever tried?


I recently visited the US and came across this hot nonsense of a beer – the Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout. This is literally brewed with roasted bull testicles at Wynkoop Brewing Company. As someone who’s always on the lookout for unique and offbeat brews, I gave it a shot.

First things first, the aroma of the beer is pretty pungent - you definitely get a whiff of the roasted bull testicles as soon as you crack open the can.

There is a roasted flavor (but i can’t tell if it’s from the coffee or the roasted bull testicles).There’s also a nice meaty depth that pairs well with the malty sweetness and slightly bitter finish. Then theres a hint of umami similar to grilled yakiniku beef.

This is a decent-tasting stout that is fortunately not off-putting.

What’s the most unique beer you’ve tried?

Hey there! I can relate to your adventurous spirit when it comes to unusual brews. This sounds super similar to something I’ve tried called Hvalur brewed by Stedji Brewery in Iceland.

This is made instead with whale testicles that are smoked in sheep dung. The sheep dung smoking seems to add a farmy smokiness to the beer, while the whale testicles - one massive ball used per batch - gives it a porter-like flavor. It’s also brewed in the winter months when Icelanders celebrate special meats in honor of Thor.

It’s actually pretty good for something that sounds so unappetising. If you ever find yourself in Iceland, I highly recommend giving it a try at Stedji Brewery.

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Good lord why is everyone drinking ball beers here. The most “unusual” thing I’ve tried is the Musang king durian beer from 1925 brewing in Singapore. In fact i saw that it’s available on the 88 Bamboo shop.

This one is a rather light pale ale that is most easy to drink - there are more hop aromas than durian. Even my foreign friends who normally wouldn’t go near durians were okay with the very mild aroma.

When i saw your photo of the Rocky Mountain stout at first I was thinking “oh my god i thought that was testicles”. Then i realised… it actually is. :astonished: